Wednesday, June 30, 2010

June 30th - Social Media Day

So Mashable announced it and I had no idea. Today, June 30th is officially Social Media Day. And in honor of this The Orange County Register hosted the #SMDAYOC Convergence. A panelist of Social Media professionals and experts who all talked about their experiences and expertise in working in social media.

Honestly I would have completely missed it if not for my supervisor who originally noticed it because she saw an e-mail or post that announced, "Social Media Taco Trucks Gather!" Which caught her eye. Reading on she realized this was more then just a buffet of Tweeting & Facebooking Taco Trucks, but rather an actual list of speakers and panelist who would be talking about about Social Media.

Now I was surprised by the number of people who sat in during these discussions and panels who had their attention placed firmly on the speaker, I expected some if not most to be on the PDA's and smart phones typing and texting away (as I was, checking into FourSquare and tweeting about how one of the speakers was hot.) But what also caught my attention was how they spoke about social media. I give more of my reactions to that in my video above.

When it comes to Theatre & Theatre companies on Social Media I feel like I have a grasp on my company's community but I'm just starting to get more involved with the bigger network of people, introduced mostly by Devon V. Smith (whom I've followed quite closely only about a month into my Social Media job, if you're in theatre SM check her out) and David Loehr who was someone I knew about, but was amazed that even following over 1,000 people he engaged and communicated with many on a regular basis. (He must have some pretty well sorted lists & groups on his TweetDeck.)

However I thought I'd just put down into words/on paper (inter-paper?) some my general feelings, beliefs and theories, as they raced through my head while hearing many of these experts speaking. As anyone should believe, I'm aware that social media is a growing beast and I'm still learning many things and my beliefs and ideas can change as my horizons broaden, but until then Well here goes.


Okay, this is rather bold statement and It's not a 100% true. But I've heard so many different professionals and experts say that SM is only for certain things: "It's a place to sell." ~ "It's a place to communicate." ~ "It's a place to listen." ~ "It's a place to connect." I honestly believe you can do a bit of all of it. But certainly it is a place that makes your company accessible and offers a place to engage. Specifically in the theatre world, the purpose of our industry is to create content for people (what that content's purpose is and leads to takes us to a "Why Art" conversation, which is a very subjective opinion and I'll stay out of that for now.) So go for it, Sell: me on the "content" going on your stage. Sometime I want to know what new show is coming up through a facebook status or a tweet rather then a postcard. Or I could use that discount you're putting out there. Communicate: about theatre or specifically your theatre's work, tell me some interesting tid-bits that I may want to reply to, or retweet. Listen: to what I have to say about your company or what I do or don't like. I like to believe that I'm being heard by you and will invest more in our relationship. Connect: with me by following me. Sure you may be following 15,000 people but it's sort of a reassuring feeling when something I like follows me back, that they acknowledge that I followed them.

From the standpoint of my work on twitter, I value when someone follows me even if they are following thousands of people. Yes, they're probably a company or corporations who are hoping for a "Follow 4 Follow" but at the same time, someone at some point is going to be looking at that feed. And if for that brief moment they happen to catch one of my companies tweets and decide, "Hell yeah, I'm buying at ticket for that show!" Well then great. However I appreciate a hundred times more the person who follows us because they want the latest shows reviews, they want to hear our humorous conversation about our shows, they want the background news through twitter or facebook.


At this seminar I heard this quite a few times. Yes and no...When I buy toothpaste, I'm buying toothpaste, not the 4 out of 5 dentist that recommended that toothpaste (although if I could I would, who doesn't want to buy a dentist who's opinionated?) However I understand that people of influence do sell, and in the world of marketing if you can shape your company into a personality people will listen to you, you gain more influence.

(NOTE: I'm aware this is an unorganized blog, with scattered life is generally like this, and I apologize, I'm a bit ADD.)

I'm learning that developing a voice for my company's Social Media (SM) or even infusing a bit of my own personality into the work I do helps give our outreach A personality, and hopefully a personality people like and want to connect with. I've been surprised by a couple of private compliments from followers of "Likers" who've told me they really enjoy the content that I put up on our SM. (BTW I'm not sure what to call people who "Like" SCR on facebook, it was easier with fans...but "Likers?" They're one letter short of being an NBA championship team [Yeah a sports reference, I impressed myself but not calling it the MBA]) Now these are generally people who work in SM or understand that it's a PR & Marketing tool. I wonder myself if there are those who aren't as aware of the "person behind the computer" bu are still falling "in-like" with SCR's Social Media. If so then I have to give myself a pat on back.

So...this non-liner, randomly purposed blog ends...with a bit of uh, "What was the point of that?" sort of feeling. And I apologize for that. I hope to get better at this. But for'll have to put up with my random ADD nonsensical babbling. Sorry.

P.S. I've been asked to talk at a Non-profit PR workshop about Social Media...20-minutes of talking...eeep! I'm excited cause I think I have lots to share but a little nervous. I'll follow-up with that at some point.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Peter is a Theatre Maniac

Yes I'm a theatre whore, and yes I'm directing, writing, and working in the theatre, and yes there are plenty of opportunities to check out my work. Here are two of them. I love your faces so I hope to see your faces there.


Thursday, June 24 @ 8:00pm
8:00 – On the Porch One Crisp Spring Morning
8:20 – Check Please
9:00 – Baby Food

9:10 – Wake-Up Call Directed by Peter J. Kuo

Jim’s girlfriend is asking him for a favor, to help her kill her father. When the situation turns awkward Jim suddenly finds himself in his bed awoken from a nightmare. His mother rushes in to calm him down, but something tells Jim she has other motives on her mind.

Location: 321 E. Chapman Avenue,
Fullerton CA 92832 – Bronwyn Dodson Theatre
Tickets: $10 Each

Purchase tickets on-line:

Or over the phone: (714) 992-7150


Saturday, June 26 @ 1:00pm
Three Steps Back by Peter J. Kuo

Buddy Christ has started following Cassandra on Twitter. Danielle is seconds away from going Lorena Bobbitt on her adulterous husband (unless he commits suicide first). The same 35 minutes told from three different rooms. Once you think you've pinned down everyone's quirks, a new perspective will have you retracing your steps in this dark comedy.

Featuring Daniel Blinkoff, Julia Cho, Rebecca Davis, Jeridan Frye, Tamlyn Tomita, Greg Watanabe
Directed by Julie Briggs

Location: 120 Judge John Aiso Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012 – East West Players
Tickets: Free ($5 suggested donation)

More information: