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An Evolving List of Asian American Directors

Updated: 10/7/16

As many of you know, I recently moved to New York to start earning my MFA in Directing at The New School for Drama. Part of this move was my evaluation of the directing career potential in Los Angeles, but also the directing career potential for Asian American directors. As I did my research I felt there weren't a great number of us, so I decided I would create a list. If you are an Asian American director and would like to be added to this list, please email me or comment on this blog. There are power in numbers, and I believe we need to show that there are numbers. This information will be helpful for my panel on "Creating and Maintaining a Directing Career" for the National Asian American Theatre Conference and Festival, which is Saturday, October 11 at 4:30 p.m. in Philadelphia, PA. Confirmed speakers include Desdemona Chiang, Snehal Desai, Randy Reyes, and Mei Ann Teo.

Ernest Abuba* (New York)
May Adrales* (New York - MFA: Yale - Ed: Yale)
Stafford Arima* (New York)
Andrea Assaf (Tampa - MA: NYU [Performance Studies]; AD: Art2Action Inc)
Brian Balcom (Chicago - MFA: DePaul University)
Leilani Chan (Los Angeles - AD: TeAda Productions)
Jennifer Chang** (San Diego - MFA: University of California, San Diego [Acting] Ed: University of California, San Diego)
Tisa Chang* (New York - AD: Pan Asian Repertory)
Desdemona Chiang* (Seattle/San Francisco - MFA: University of Washington)
Ping Chong* (New York - AD: Ping Chong + Company)
Peter Cirino (San Diego - Ed: San Diego State)
Snehal Desai* (Los Angeles - MFA: Yale - AD: East West Players)
Tim Dang* (Los Angeles - Ed: University of Southern California)
Sandeep Shekar Das (Chicago)
Nelson T. Eusebio* (New York - MFA: Yale)
Ethan Heard* (New York - MFA: Yale)
Leslie Ishii* (Los Angeles - MFA: American Conservatory Theatre [Acting])
Alberto Isaac (Los Angeles)
Ed Sylvanus Iskandar* (New York - MFA: Carnegie Mellon)
Lavina Jadhawani** (Chicago - MFA: DePaul University)
Jesse Jou (Jubbock Texas - MFA: Yale - Ed: Texas Tech University)
Chil Kong (Los Angeles)
Shishir Kurup* (Los Angeles - MFA: University of California, San Diego [Acting])
Peter J. Kuo** (Los Angeles/New York - MFA: The New School for Drama [2018])
Young Jean Lee (Brooklyn - MFA: Brooklyn College [Playwriting])
Jeff Liu (Los Angeles - MFA: University of California, Los Angeles)
Jeffrey Lo (San Jose)
Victor Maog* (New York - AD: Second Generation)
Jess McLeod (Chicago - MFA: Northwestern University)
Zaraawar Mistry (Minneapolis - MFA: University of California, San Diego [Theatre])
Mina Morita (Berkeley - AD: Crowded Fire)
Dipankar Mukherjee (Minneapolis - AD: Pangea World Theater)
Alan Muraoka* (New York)
Katie Naka (Brooklyn - MFA: Columbia)
Ron Nakahara* (New York)
Meena Natarajan (Minneapolis)
Oanh Nguyen* (Orange County - AD: The Chance Theater)
Lane Nishikawa (San Francisco)
Aya Ogawa (Brooklyn)
Evren Odcikin (San Francisco)
Ralph Pena (New York - AD: Ma-Yi Theater)
Ruth Pe Palileo** (Las Vegas - PhD: Trinity College Dublin [Drama and Performance])
Orlando Pabotoy* (New York - Ed: Tisch School of the Arts)
Randy Reyes (Minneapolis - AD: Theatre Mu)
Jon Lawrence Rivera* (Los Angeles - AD: Playwrights' Arena)
Rick Shiomi (Minneapolis)
Nathan Singh (Chicago - MFA: DePaul University [2017])
Seema Sueko* (Los Angeles - aAD: Arena Stage)
Suzi Takahashi (New York - MFA: Southampton Arts)
Mei Ann Teo (Amherst - MFA: Columbia Ed: Hampshire College)
Eric Ting* (Berkeley - MFA: University of Tennessee [Performance Studies] - AD: Cal Shakes)
Andrew Tsao (Seattle - MFA: CalArts - Ed: University of Washington)
Giselle Ty (New York/London)
Meiyin Wang (Berkeley - MFA: Columbia)
Elizabeth Wong (Santa Barbara - MFA: Tisch School of the Arts [Dramatic Writing])
Kelvin Wong (Chicago - MFA: DePaul University)
George Ye (San Diego - Ed: University of San Diego)
Chay Yew* (Chicago - AD: Victory Gardens Theater)

* = Full or (**) Associate Member of SDC
MFA = Master of Fine Arts; [Non-Directing Degree or Expected Graduation Year]
AD = Artistic Director; a = Associate;
Ed = Faculty at Higher Educational Institution

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