American Ghost Stories
3M; 2W - One Act; 55 minutes; Ethnic/Cultural Specific Roles

When five graduate students are asked to put together a presentation of an American Ghost Story, they unearth something much scarier than anyone would have expected. Adapted from the ghost stories of The Cult of Jiang Ziwen; and Chloe from the Myrtle Plantation.

2017 - The New School for Drama

Three Mothers
3W - Short-Play; 10 minutes; Ethnic Specific Roles

Three fable mothers from three different cultures encounter each other to tell their stories. La Llorona,  "The Weeping Woman," a Hispanic American legend of a grieving mother. An African mother enlists the help of Taweret, "Goddess of Childbirth," to save her son. And Longmu, "The Mother of Dragons," turns to her children to help her dying city. In telling their stories, these mothers find comfort and community with each other.

2015 - Rising Circle Theatre Collective - Spectrum Series Director's Jam

An Apple a Day
1M - Short-Play; 5 minutes

Marcus loves a good apple. Perhaps a bit too much. He loves to savor a sweet apple. Bite. Chew. Swallow. Smile. But perhaps Marcus needs to spend a little less time focusing on his apple, and a little more time focusing on why he's in an interrogation room.

Three Point Turn
2W; 1M - Short-Play; 10 minutes

This play takes place entirely in a car. It's encouraged that the audience of 2-3 people sit in the back seat. Andrea dealing with having just been stood up. A passing stranger invites herself into Andrea's car to console her. As the play unfolds its becoming unclear who is actually standing whom up.

The Amazing Wedding Race
4W; 4M - Full Length, 2 Acts, 120 minutes; Ethnic Specific Roles

A comedic farce tackling race, sexuality and self-acceptance. Veronica is an Asian American racing against her personal clock. But before she reaches her wedding, she must confront her Caucasian fiancĂ©e’s racist behavior. Her far-from-subtle methods explode in her face, with her having the biggest lesson to learn.

2011 - Metamorphosis Theater Company - Reading
2009 - East West Players' David Henry Hwang Writers Institute, Writing is Re-writing workshop - Reading
2008 - East West Players' David Henry Hwang Writers Institute - Reading
2007 - East West Players' David Henry Hwang Writers Institute - Reading (ACT I)

Three Steps Back
4W; 2M - Full Length, 3 Acts, 90 minutes; Ethnic Specific Roles

A three-part dark face. Richard attempts to leave his wife with his lover and hyper-diabetic daughter, but fate has other plans. Each scene occurs during the same 30 minutes; starting in the house, moving to the back alley, and then closing with the garage that connects the previous locations.

2014 - OSF Midnight Project - Reading

2013 - Artists at Play - Reading
2010 - East West Players' David Henry Hwang Writers Institute, Writing is Re-writing workshop - Reading

The Antique Shop
Lyrics by Noelle Donfeld, Music by Nathan Wang. 
2W; 2M - Full Length Musical, 2 Acts,  120 minutes

This time-bending show for families focuses on a cursed antique shop and the different curses it hands to unsuspecting customers. In order to defeat the curse, love must conquer all.

2010 - Yes, and ... Produtions - Workshop
2010 - Dramatists Guild - Workshop (ACT I)

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