Monday, July 1, 2013

Directing Reel

Here is a demo reel of my directing work:

Peter J. Kuo's Directing Reel

Ordinary Days by Adam Gwon
Produced by Yes, and ... Productions. (2012)

Featuring Julia Cho, Helen H. Ota, Michael C. Palma and Scott Keiji Takeda

Ching Chong Chinaman by Lauren Yee
Produced by Artists at Play (2011)

Featuring Julia Cho, Elizabeth Ho, Stephen Hu, Ken Narasaki, Helen H. Ota and Scott Keiji Takeda

re:MiX'T by Kate Rigg
Produced by East West Players (2013)
A Youth Tour

Featuring Stephen Chang and Katy Tang

Songs for a New World by Jason Robert Brown
Produced by Yes, and ... Productions (2009)

Featuring Randy Guiaya, Myra Ocenar, Helen H. Ota and Michael C. Palma

Letters to a Student Revolutionary by Elizabeth Wong
Produced by Addword Productions (2009)

Featuring Carin Chea, Julia Cho, Edward Gunawan, Joon Lee, Nghia Lu, Ruffy Lundayan, Tina Tong and Sheila Tejada