Sunday, October 20, 2013

Audiences & Reviewers Responses to Cowboy Versus Samurai

"... charming and unexpectedly moving comedy... bolstered by a deft cast (Feodor Chin, Julia Cho, Daniel Vincent Gordh, and West Liang) and thoughtful direction by Peter J. Kuo, whose sound design elements (credited to Felix Lau) add layers to the text and make it uniquely theatrical." (full blog post)
- Prince Gomovillas, Bamboo Nation
"Don't miss your chance to see Artists at Play's marvelous production of Michael Golamco's Cowboy Versus Samurai... the play is a clever and poignant re-telling of Cyrano de Bergerac with an Asian American twist." (full blog post)
- Angry Asian Man
"... many comic moments, some poignant moments and some seriously introspective scenes... A wonderfully crafted study of the universal need for acceptance, understanding and love." (full review)

- Jose Ruiz,

"The play was REALLY funny, and really well done; the monologues blended well with the story and it really made you think about your own 'preferences,' and how you see yourself in the world." (full blog post)
- Starchaserxoxo, Tumblr
"Just saw 's production of Cowboy Versus Samurai. LOVED IT. " (original tweet)
- @AngryAsianMan, Twitter
   "COWBOY VERSUS SAMURAI : Heartfelt, Hilarous, Hella Entertaining. Kudos to Artists at Play."
- Trieu T., Facebook
"Awesome opening night for 's COWBOY VS SAMURAI: Superb cast, lots of laughs and surprises! People, if you're in LA, check it out!" (original tweet
- @MichaelGolamco, Twitter

"I loved the show.  It was both funny and moving."
- Greg W., Facebook
"Congrats ! This is definitely a winner. " (original tweet)
- @jullylee, Twitter

"Love this play and you guys did a GREAT job with it!"
- Ken N., Facebook

Daniel Vincent Gordh and West Liang in Cowboy Versus Samurai
"As an Asian American woman who married a Caucasian man, I can empathize w Veronica Lee. was great last night. " (original tweet
- @MarvelGee, Twitter
"A dream cast that seemed to perform together seamlessly."
- Rodney K., Facebook
"140 characters cannot properly convey how much I loved 's production of Cowboy Vs Samurai. Hilarious and poignant. " (original tweet)
- @bubblegirljulz, Twitter
"COWBOY VERSUS SAMURAI was excellent. Refreshing, funny, compelling, and relevant..."
- Charles K., Facebook
" was wonderful. The script is funny, and , , , & were awesome. You should go see it!" (original tweet)
- @Ardentadmirer, Twitter
- @TimothyTau, Twitter
"Loved #AACvsS !! Super well written and touching story!!! Thank you for the amazing night @AAPlay :)" (original tweet)
- @MAO0525, Twitter
"I really enjoyed tonight's preview. Congratulations and have a great opening!"
- Rona M., Facebook
Julia Cho and Feodor Chin in Cowboy Versus Samurai

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